Trudy Whitney will be the feature artist at the Garret Art Gallery beginning Saturday, May 11. An opening reception and "Meet the Artist" will be held that night from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. as part of the Second Saturday event in Historic Downtown McKinney. The exhibit will run through Wednesday, June 5.

As a science major at SMU, Trudy Whitney didn't have much time for art classes, but she never lacked the passion. Nearly 30 years later she became a student of Garret Art Gallery’s co-owner, Clara Stovall. They worked together for 10 years. 

Not long after, she and her husband Bill opened a small business in McKinney. Trudy successfully waged a battle with breast cancer. Perhaps for therapeutic reasons, she picked up her brushes and loosened her style. The fundamentals of composition, color mixing and light Stovall previously instilled in her gets Trudy through each painting with confidence and ease. 

“Each is a joy, and I am ready to share them, even though Bill hates to see one leave home,” Trudy said recently. “He gets attached.”

The inspiration for many of her paintings are the seasonal colors, native trees and gardens that grace the couple’s wooded acreage on their ranch in North Texas. Art runs in Trudy’s veins as her mother Eloise painted professionally, her late brother Frederick was a sculptor, and her daughter Corinne is an interior designer.

The Garret Art Gallery is located at 111 E. Virginia St. in McKinney.