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Calendar: Top Picks

North Texas Neighborhood and Community Development Professionals Meeting


This meeting provides networking opportunities for professionals in the North Texas region involved in community building work. This group...

Bariatric Support Group: Overall Wellness

Bariatric Support Group: Overall Wellness


These support groups are for Bariatric patients, old and new, people interested in Bariatrics, or people just interested in having a support...

Green Seminar: Herb Gardening


Just about every dish tastes better with fresh herbs -- and there's no better way to get fresh herbs than to grow them yourself. Come learn...

Cell Phones for Soldiers


In honor of the not-for-profit Credit Union’s 40th Anniversary, rather than having just another contest, they have decided to throw a...

Nominate Your Child's Teacher as a S.T.A.R.


The McKinney Education Foundation created an award to help you show your teacher how special he/she is to your student. Give your teacher a STAR...

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